Applications and Permits

Below are applications and forms used in overseeing and permitting construction and zoning activities in the Township.

Building Permits:

For instructions on what the requirements are for a building permit from Harshman CE Group.  Please open and print the Application Checklist building zoning occupancy as of 07-05-17

If you have any questions call MR. D’AMICO, HARSHMAN CE GROUP who was appointed in 2017 as the Building Code Official (BCO).  Mr. D’Amico is also the current Zoning Officer and Code Enforcement Officer for Union Township.


Telephone:  724-503-4125, x5

The following forms are still being used:

Remember to call 811 before digging anywhere or use the website.  Also available are Safety Videos at the website.  (Also refer to the Pipeline Safety item under our Emergency Menu for more info.)

Certain types of construction do not require a Building Permit but DO REQUIRE submittal of a Zoning Permit Application (for instance a zoning permit is required for fences, sheds under 200sqft, carports, etc., so that the property can be reviewed for the appropriate setbacks):  Zoning  Permit Application:  Zoning Permit Application

Building Permit Application:  Residential Building Permit Application

If any electrical work is to be done, please complete and submit the following:
Electrical Inspection and Permit Application
NOTE:  All new electrical services require an electrical permit and inspection by a Union Township official.

Construction of a new home, business, or apartment will require that an address be assigned:  Application for New Address and an Occupancy Permit be issued: Change of address permit

Driveway Related Permit

Where a driveway intersects a Township road, a permit from Union Township is required as follows:  ROAD-ENTRY PERMIT
Where a driveway intersects a state road, contact Penn Dot as they have their own permitting requirements:  Penn Dot Legal Driveway vs. Unpermitted Driveway Flyer

Junkyard Permit

junk yard permit

Construction / Hauling Activity Related to Township Roads

Road Cut / Road Bore Application:  Road Cut Bore Application

Heavy Hauling Permit:  2016 Road Use and Bonding Agreement – Blank (Sweat-Harshman)
Road Bond Application:  UT Road Bond Application

Seismic Testing Application:  Seismic application UT

Please note that if repairing a road, our construction standards are also on-line in the Land Development Section:  construction standards.

Permits Related to Grading

Grading Permit: Union Grading Application

Zoning Forms

Please contact the Zoning Officer, James Harshman, by email at or by phone 724-503-4125,  for guidance on zoning issues pertaining to what application you need to complete and what procedures you must follow to suit your intended purpose in your zoning related request.  A hearing may be required.

Zoning Change Application:  ZONING APPLICATION

Conditional Use Application:  Conditional Use app

Variance Application:  Union Zoning Appeal Application
Checklist:  varianceprocedures-rev0


The required drawing(s)/mylar should label and identify each residual parcel and the resulting acreage of each. Please see the Subdivision Guide for the detailed specific requirements.   Please note that all subdivisions, large or small, must be accompanied by a Sewage Planning Module and cannot be approved without one.

The approval process, in brief, is as follows.  The subdivision mylar must be approved and signed first by the Washington County Planning Commission.  Afterwards, the subdivision mylar must be presented to the Union Township Planning Commission and receive the Commission’s approval and signatures.  The mylar must then be presented to the Union Township Board of Supervisors for the Board’s approval and signatures.  After all signatures are obtained, the mylar must be taken to the Washington County Recorder of Deeds for recording.  The Zoning Officer can provide additional information regarding this process.

Also see the Fee Schedule and Subdivision and Land Development menus for more information and any applicable fees and escrows.  Also contact the Zoning Officer, Jarod D’Amico, by email at or by phone 724-503-4125,  with any questions pertaining to Subdivisions and Land Development.

Minor Subdivision:  Subdivision Land Development Application-rev0

Land Development: Subdivision Land Development Application-rev0