Fee Schedule

For the fees and costs associated with

  • Building Permits and Building Inspections,
  • Zoning Permits,
  • Sign Permits,
  • Application and Hearing fees related to Sub-Division, Land Development, and Re-Zoning,
  • Grading Permits,
  • Heavy Hauling Permits and Road-Cut Road-Bore Permits,
  • Occupancy Permits and
  • Certification Letters, Escrows and all other fees

Please see the following Fee Schedule Adopted by the Board of Supervisors and, as Exhibit A in the Union Township Fee Schedule, please see the applicable Harshman CE Group Third Party Fee Schedule as follows below:  Please note Union Township does not accept cash.  Payment can be made by check or money order.

Union Township Fee Schedule: Fee Schedule Resolution 17 of 2017

Harshman CE Group – 3rd Party Schedule:  Current fee schedule

Any questions with the Third Party Fee Schedule, please contact Harshman CE Group at PB@harshmanllc.com, 724-993-4505 x225

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