2017 Minutes

If the Minutes do not immediately open in a New Window or Tab, check the  “Downloads” folder on your PC or phone.  Whether the document is downloaded or opens in a new window appears to be dependent on the browser you are using to access this site.  Our personal experience is that the Minutes open in a new tab or window when you use Internet Explorer and go into your Downloads folder when using Google Chrome or Firefox.  Please note that any copy showing revision markings is the final version since these changes were required for approval.

Minutes 01-03-17 Reorganization Meeting
Minutes 01-09-17 Regular Board Meeting
Minutes 01-23-17 Regular Board Meeting FINAL
Minutes 02-13-17 Workshop – Overlook Sewerage FINAL
Minutes 02-13-17 Agenda Meeting FINAL
Minutes 02-27-17 Regular Legislative Meeting Minutes – FINAL
Minutes 03-13-17 Regular AGENDA Meeting Minutes – FINAL
Minutes 03-15-17 Workshop Minutes FINAL
Minutes 03-27-17 LEGISLATIVE Meeting Minutes FINAL
Minutes 04-10-17 Regular Agenda Meeting Minutes FINAL