Contact the Board of Supervisors

Occasionally people call and want to speak to a Board Supervisor.  Members of the Board of Supervisors do not have an office at the Township Building and are not here during regular business hours.  Supervisors in a Second-Class Township are not salaried and receive only a meeting stipend set not to exceed $2500 per year.  Generally during the day, our Supervisors are at their own places of employment or tending their other responsibilities.

However, Board members do receive daily copies of any pertinent mail or email sent to the Township.   The Board meets regularly twice a month in the evenings to discuss the business of the Township and schedules additional meetings and workshops as needed.

The Supervisors invest much of their own time researching and considering items affecting the Township, and they deserve to be addressed with respect and consideration.

How do I speak to a Supervisor?

Options for communicating an issue to the Board which lies outside of the day-to-day business of the Township, include:

Writing a letter or email to the Board of Supervisors.

You can mail or drop-off your letter to : Union Township Board of Supervisors, 3904 Finleyville-Elrama Road, Finleyville, PA 15332; or you can email it to  All letters to the Board of Supervisors are copied to each sitting Board member.

Commenting at a public meeting of the Board of Supervisors in person.

Residents may attend a Regular Board Meeting or any Workshop or Special Meeting of the Board, which are public meetings.  Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and generally end between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m.  Attendees may comment on Agenda-items only at the beginning of the meeting.  A second opportunity for non-Agenda comments is at the end of the meeting.  A resident must sign the book on the Board table with their name, address and subject to have an opportunity to comment at any time during the meeting.  Public comment is limited to 4 minutes per speaker per topic.

Writing a letter requesting that a subject be put on the Agenda.

An option for speaking to the Board is to write a letter requesting to be on the agenda for the next regular meeting.  A benefit of having your item on the agenda is that you may make your comments during public comment on agenda items which is near the beginning of the meeting instead of waiting for the public comment period for non-agenda items at the end of the meeting.   The Board may be better prepared to discuss or decide on the issue if they received your letter in advance of the meeting.   A letter requesting that a topic be placed on the agenda would be written to the Chairperson and sent or dropped off to the municipal building.   The secretary will forward your request to the current Chairperson.

The Chairperson is given the privilege of setting the official Agenda for each meeting while welcoming the contribution and input from the other members of the Board.  The Chairperson may take some time initially to investigate or research your issue and can request that you seek another path towards resolution of your problem prior to placing the item on the agenda OR may decide to put the item directly on the Agenda for discussion at the next meeting.   If you choose to write a letter requesting a topic be placed on the Agenda, send this letter addressed to the Chairperson, Board of Supervisors, 3904 Finleyville-Elrama Road, Finleyville, PA  15332, or the letter may be emailed to the Secretary at  You will need to attend the meeting and sign the book on the Board table to make comments on your agenda item.