Contact the Township:

The animal control officer, code enforcement officer, zoning officer, police and tax collector have separate telephone numbers and cannot be reached at the main number.  See the listing below for the appropriate telephone numbers for these individuals.

For other municipal information, you can dial the main number 724-348-4250, followed by the correct extension to ring the appropriate phone.  Calls to the main number are initially picked up automatically by an electronic receptionist recording that helps listeners choose the correct extension.  If you know the extension, as soon as you hear the recording, you may type it in at any time.
5 -Tom Mellor, Road Superintendent, 1-Judy Taylor, 0-Debbie Nigon

See extensions and telephone numbers below.

FOR Police or Emergency:  Call 911 (for non-emergency or administrative or sales calls – see more information under the Emergency – Police menu item).  The secretary cannot transfer you to the police phone.

For an application to carry firearms, contact the County Sheriff not the municipal building and not Southwest Regional Police. See Washington County Sheriff Firearms Division

Road Issue:  Call 724-348-4250, ext. 5 for the Road Superintendent  (you can press 5 as soon as you hear the recording) OR email  The road crew can be reached at 724-348-4250 ext. 3.  Also if you have the ability to drop off or email pictures of the problem in question, that is also very helpful.   (If calling during an active snow event, note that the crew will listen to messages but cannot return calls)  Also, see the Road Work and Snow Removal page under Services.

Animals:  The Animal Control Officer is Kym Secreet who can be reached at 724-503-4417 who handles issues involving dogs.  If you are calling about problems with wild animals you will need to contact the  Game Commission.  Dog licenses are available at the Washington County website.  More Animal Info

Building Permits:  You can pick-up a building permit at our office or print one on-line in the Zoning / Planning / Building section of this web-site.   If you have any questions, contact the Building Code Official at or by phone at 724-263-0377 or 724-470-8254.

Zoning, Subdivisions, Site Plans, Permits, Heavy-Hauling, etc:  contact the Building Code Official at or by phone at 724-263-0377 or 724-470-8254.  All forms needed should be on-line.  Also on-line are the Zoning Map, Zoning Ordinance and Fee Schedule.

Employment:  Please check the postings on the front page for any recently posted positions.  The Township generally advertises all other open positions on its web page, in the Observer-Reporter, and possibly on  You also may fill out an application and drop it off at the Township municipal building at 3904 Finleyville-Elrama Road, or email it to  Application for Employment at Union Township – Washington County

Right-to-Know Requests as well as Administrative and Finance Questions:  724-348-4250, Extension 1 to reach the Treasurer and Right-to-Know Officer, Judith L. Taylor who can also be reached by email at
Click Here for a Right to Know Request Form which you may email, drop-off or mail to:  Judy L. Taylor, Right to Know Officer, 3904 Finleyville-Elrama Road, Finleyville, PA 15332.  Right-to-Know Requests are processed in accordance with the policies set forth by the Pennsylvania State Open Records Office.

Taxes:   Contact the Tax Collector at 724-348-9000 or email her at  Even though, in Union Township, the tax collector’s office is physically located at the municipal building, the tax collector performs a separate government function and is independent of the other staff.  The municipal staff cannot answer tax questions.  For County tax questions, contact Washington County.   See:  County Website – Taxes

Administrative Questions or to Schedule the Park:  724-348-4250, x0 – secretary
(or email

Complaint, Code Enforcement:     If you are having a problem with a neighbor who may be in violation of a Township Ordinance, conventional wisdom is to try to work it out with your neighbor first; however, complaint forms are available at the front desk should you desire or you can download the attached form – Complaint Form.  The form may be mailed or dropped off at the municipal building or scanned and emailed to our Code Enforcement Officer, Peter Grieb, who is with Municipal Consulting Services at   If you don’t have the ability to scan, then include all the information requested on the form in your email.  Also if you have the ability to drop off or email pictures of the problem in question, that can also be very helpful.  NO ANONYMOUS COMPLAINTS can be taken.  You will need to provide your name and address and telephone number as well as the address of the neighbor. The Code Enforcement Officer is in the building from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Monday and Thursday.  Since the front doors are generally locked at that time unless it is also a meeting night, you will need to call 724-348-4229 for entry.  It is suggested to make an appointment.  If there is any question on what is contained in any Union Township ordinance, you can review the Township code on-line at the Ordinances page of this website.  For clarification on any issue, contact

The mailing address for the Township is Union Township, 3904 Finleyville-Elrama Road, Finleyville, PA  15332.

Also, see the page on contacting the Board of Supervisors under the Political Representation Menu.